Staying at Home and Loving It!

How to become a Stay At Home Mom and love it!

Truthful Tuesday August 19, 2009

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Part of being a stay at home mom is owning up to the things that happen that you would rather not admit.

Today’s truthful Tuesday confession:

– Rylee went to bed without brushing her teeth. I remembered after she was all tucked in.. but do you think I went back in there and got her up???? Oh well… there’s always permanant teeth to take better care of! LOL


Weekly Challenge August 17, 2009

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So where do I start? So much goes on in the world of the Stay at home parent. So many topics… between raising the kids… running the household… bills…. meals… the relationship with your spouse. I am trying to come up with a system. Since I am a procrastinator at heart it is so easy for me to put off starting that load of clothes, loading the dinner dishes, bathing the kids. HA! Seriously.. systems are great. I find that my mood and my patience level greatly revolves around how my house looks. If it has been a sloppy day, meaning- toys are 1′ deep in the living room.. there are dishes piled up.. if the kids are still in pjs at 2 pm then you better watch out! Im likely to bite your head off. It is so easy to look around and get overwhelmed and then procrastinate even more because you don’t know where to start. Then bring on the bad mood!

This weeks challenge?

– Every single night before you go to bed do not leave the kitchen with one dish in the sink. As a matter of fact, make you sure your sink is clean of any crumb or spot. When you stumble into the kitchen the next morning I promise you.. your day will start off that much better when you look at that sink. You will be starting THAT day not feeling behind. Who wants to have leftover chores from the day before? What a buzz kill!

(off to load my own dishes before bed!)


If you hate your job, raise your hand August 14, 2009

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Is it hard to work the computer with your hand raised???

I was in your place too… 14 months and 16 days ago! That is the age of my second child by the way… The day I left that place to bring her into this world and start my new career as a stay at home mom.. was one of the best days of my life.

I have been on both sides of the fence my friends. I worked the first two years of Rylee’s life (my first daughter). I remember the Sunday evening meltdowns I would have.. tucking her into bed and wishing I could figure out how to stay at home! I remember receiving pictures from my mom who watched her all day for me… pictures of her doing and learning new things and wishing I was there in person to see it!!! I remember how the weekends and holidays went by way too fast and the work week went by way too slow.

Were we “ready” financially for me to take the plunge into the SAHW (stay at home world) when Karly was born? No.. probably not. You know why? No one is ever “ready”.. unless they are rich! Just like you can never prepare yourself for having children in the first place. You just have to take the plunge and learn as you go.

So after 14 months and 16 days of living and learning how to balance the Stay At Home World.. and embracing the awesome title of Stay At Home Mom… I decided to start my own website to write about the day to day triumphs and struggles… along with plenty of helpful hints and how tos… and a huge variety of other knowledge I have gained and continue to learn as I go along. I know it is not for everyone.. some women need the career- need to climb the corporate ladder. Some are like me.. they just need their kids within arms reach so they don’t go insane with the sadness and guilt that many working moms deal with daily! I remember once upon a time, thinking how impossible that dream seemed.  Guess what? It isn’t!

~ Im Staying at Home… and Loving It!